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Pollution, stress, competition and myriads of health problems...we’ve all been in the neverending rat race that is hampering our well-being in some way or the other. But that does not mean you have to pop in pills to solve all your problems. It’s time to fight them in a healthy and natural way. Sante offers a holistic solution to your day-to-day problems, from sleep disorders to anxiety. It brings back the much needed calm and serenity to our lives. When it comes to our essential oils and vegetable/fruit powders, all our ingredients our natural. We do not use any artificial chemicals, and our products are affordable without skimping on luxury. They’re perfect to unwind after a day of hustle.


Our Team

Dr Sameer Shah (The Motivator)

He is an expert in homeopathy and acupressure. He is one of the most accomplished in his field in our city, if not our country. He has a calming aura and makes every patient feel warm and safe. He aspires to cure every person in a healthy way. When he is not working he is usually found reading a book, watching some south Indian flix or binge-watching a show. He is the inspiration behind this brand.


Naman Shah (The Enabler)

Academically a lawyer, but a businessman at heart...he is constantly innovating and building successful start-ups. He aspires to reach massive milestones in life, so he can help those in need and make a positive impact on society. When he is not working he is usually travelling and exploring new places. He absolutely loves football and loves contemplating the meaning of life and discussing conspiracies. He is the mind behind the company.


Dr. Rupa Shah (The Optimist)

A doctor by education, she is also an avid stock market investor and trader. She is full of life and is always open to new ideas. Her decision-making skills and optimism make the dullest and darkest days feel like a win. Age is just a number, and her energy shows that. She almost always outdoes her fitness goals. When she is not working she is usually playing Candy Crush or gossiping. She is the heart of this company.


Ashni Shah (The Executor)

She works as an in-house lawyer for an NPO backed by a large institution. Her hard work and dedication turn ideas into reality. She is extremely kind and loves to help people. She dreams of retiring at a beach home, where she can sit back and relax after all the hard work she puts into her endeavours. In her spare time, she choreographs dances for weddings and reads novels. She is the soul of the company.

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